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Hello People,

I take inspiration from the fact that someone somewhere is waiting for my new blog post to be uploaded and  infact desperately at that since it has been quite long No new post has come from here. Apologies

Now, I promise to all my readers (yes the old lady somewhere waiting for my blog post) I'll update new posts more often and at least 2 posts per week at that.

Now coming back to inspiration and all things I want to share here with all you people out there, Il change the type of posts I will be writing henceforth. No excessive gyaan, philosophy and yada yada. Some poems and some philosophy here and there but it will be minimal. It will be more of my opinion on all things business, news, perspectives, my life, friends, relations, communication, my struggles, my failures, and the stuff I learn about me and practically everything I learn about people (I believe communicating with people are from where the biggest lessons come from).

So let me just tell what I was upto so far, I was just lazing around in my thoughts and actions and nothing worthwhile all this time. Most of my time was taken by doing almost nothing productive at office, lazing around on my bed with my cell phone at home, the some-place called Shivaji Park :) hanging out with friends  the occasional college lecture and project submissions, and CA Final lectures that started, some failures and successes at Stock Market trading and investing and some more lazing with my thoughts!

Now its time for me to be actively pursuing things I would consider worthwhile and not regretting my time doing practically nothing! So here I am making another fresh start.
Hello people..Looking forward to talk to you more about and yes sharing it all with you.

Just a last question to end it: What are the things that keep you going when you feel extremely LAZY?!

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