Money is just a number!

Friends my dream used to be to earn lots & lots of lead the"moneyed" have a Lamborghini,a sea facing bungalow and a big business empire...See nothing wrong with having such a dream but one day having a deep passionate talk with my Mama made me realized that its not necessarily important to have tons and tons of money to live the perfect life..The perfect life is where you have the time to enjoy all the pleasures...!
"What is life if full of care if there is no time to stand and stare" You might have read these lines in your childhood..but somewhere as we grow up we forget the meaning here..The real pleasures of life is when you are constantly in touch with your inner self & are with your loved ones...I am not suggesting that money is not surely is very imporatnt. But the point I am making here is after a point of time money is sufficient so then you should start enjoying life..Giving back to what you love,relax,enjoy the spare time doing your activities rather than proving to someone..! Get out of the rat race..Coz real happiness is inner peace and not money! think about it...
And here come the Blackberry tagline Do what you love.Love what you do.

So now my dream is to retire at the age of 45 and enjoy life with nothing to prove!
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