The best things in Life are not things....

Exactly.Coz the best things in life are people.Look everywhere the most successful people the most successful brands,The most successful Business are successful just because they cared for  people..See it everywhere..Once you loose respect of people,of society then you loose your success..See Tiger woods for instance..
Life is incomplete without people..Do you remember your school building or you remember your school Friends? Its the people which make you life's memories come alive..
In life's every activity when people come together that its a success..a single person never achieved anything without peoples support..
Its people that create Initiatives
Its people that create brands..
Its people that create successful teams
Its people that create Companies
Its people  that win Matches..
Its people who make love happen..
Its people who bring about a movement..
Its people who ignite the fire..
It was people who brought independence..
Its people who create awesome moments..
Its people who create records..
Its people who create the gang.."the gang of friends"
Its people that go behind making a person who he is..
Coz it is all the people together that you are THE YOU
So become a peoples person & See the magic that follows...

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