Dealing with queues...

Queue I don't even know if the spelling is right..! This queues just make me go wild!..According to me in a perfect world there shouldn't be queues at all.But as you know we live in an imperfect world with ever growing population so thats a distant dream!! ...standing in long lines and waiting for your turn just kills me!! So I have devised numerous unsuccessful ways to jump queues and save time and unnecessary apathy towards people who endlessly wait in queues...

unfortunately my college is famous for its long queues...So you can feel my helplessness when standing for 20mins for just a concession!! Doesnt technology have any answer to this?...But as much as I have searched for a solution to end queues in the world(that was my mission:to save the world from queues :). ) I have found the problem lies with me...Queues are a symbol of discipline,of patience & of order...and I seriously lack the patience! But now I am trying to understand this & the purpose of standing in maintain social order!! Someday I hope there are no queues but till then I am learning to live with them...see here I go to buy a train ticket & the long line...Is there a way out..
Pls any suggestions on how to cope with queues???
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