Pain a spiritual experience....

Pain is compulsory but suffering is optional..why do we have to suffer in pain & why cant people just enjoy the unusual as it sounds but the way I deal with pain is I enjoy the feeling of pain..the feeling the joy intense pain gives me is unmatched..and the joy when the pain is relieved makes this whole exercise such a beautiful exercise..Pain makes me test my soul to lift me above this body & world..
Once my friend & I were discussing in a jovial manner like how we are above these 1st ranks & all we are above this world in every field..Pain gives me this same feeling..that how we are above this damn world..& the ultimate joy is when this pain leaves you & you again come back below & in the material world smarter and knowing the fact that after all you are above all this!!
I would like to end this with the famous lines of Linkin Park
"In the end it doesn't even matter."

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