Opportunities- A new Outlook

There is this whole talk that opportunities are present everywhere we just need to look for them...I find this approach a bit incomplete..You ask why is that.? I will let you know in a minute lets first clear out some concepts.. Opportunities are just like shares.You either make a profit or make a loss.And also just like any other investment you need to have 1.) surplus funds with you to invest.And just having surplus funds is not enough..You also need to have 2.)experience & 3.)knowledge too to make a successful investment,right.

Similarly opportunities though present in every aspect of life you cant grab all of them..for that you need surplus funds & funds here mean preparation...behind every successful opportunity grabbed & fully utilized you need years & years of preparation...Thats why a Ambani can say IPL is a great business proposition but not you coz you haven't prepared for that and ambanis are surely prepared for such a mind-boggling opportunity!(money money!!)..So before looking for opportunities be prepared for them & they will themselves run to find you..And similarly start taking risks coz thats how you will get the second important opportunity must: experience
And knowledge as its said us the wealth..Without knowledge opporunities are like speculation in shares which is damn risky...so though opportunities present everywhere you need the three ingredients to make them work for you...do comment & let me know your views on the post...
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