Fool-proof Formula For Success

Now read the title again..Is there such a fool-proof formula for success.? You may doubt it but you know what applying this principle will most probably help you succeed sooner or later..!
Now success as you see is highly relative & depends on person to person..but for succeeding in any venture you require just two Ds & they are Discipline & dedication..Now you might say isn't it too easy like can you just sum up the whole idea of success behind just two things discipline & dedication..? Aren't there many many other factors passion,hard work,guidance,mentoring.perseverance..? But if you ask me all these things may be summed up in two words DISCIPLINE & DEDICATION..
And the difficult path for success is finding what you truly love..! And after that its all about being disciplined to what you love & behind that discipline there should be uncalled dedication..!
Now but where is the highly debatable LUCK factor..? Where does that fit in here..? Don't you need luck for success...According to me luck is a thing you just get when you are lucky.. :) Luck is just the gift you get from good for being a super nice person..So beyond discipline & dedication all you need to be is a super awesome person..:)

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