Money is just a number!

Friends my dream used to be to earn lots & lots of lead the"moneyed" have a Lamborghini,a sea facing bungalow and a big business empire...See nothing wrong with having such a dream but one day having a deep passionate talk with my Mama made me realized that its not necessarily important to have tons and tons of money to live the perfect life..The perfect life is where you have the time to enjoy all the pleasures...!
"What is life if full of care if there is no time to stand and stare" You might have read these lines in your childhood..but somewhere as we grow up we forget the meaning here..The real pleasures of life is when you are constantly in touch with your inner self & are with your loved ones...I am not suggesting that money is not surely is very imporatnt. But the point I am making here is after a point of time money is sufficient so then you should start enjoying life..Giving back to what you love,relax,enjoy the spare time doing your activities rather than proving to someone..! Get out of the rat race..Coz real happiness is inner peace and not money! think about it...
And here come the Blackberry tagline Do what you love.Love what you do.

So now my dream is to retire at the age of 45 and enjoy life with nothing to prove!
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The best things in Life are not things....

Exactly.Coz the best things in life are people.Look everywhere the most successful people the most successful brands,The most successful Business are successful just because they cared for  people..See it everywhere..Once you loose respect of people,of society then you loose your success..See Tiger woods for instance..
Life is incomplete without people..Do you remember your school building or you remember your school Friends? Its the people which make you life's memories come alive..
In life's every activity when people come together that its a success..a single person never achieved anything without peoples support..
Its people that create Initiatives
Its people that create brands..
Its people that create successful teams
Its people that create Companies
Its people  that win Matches..
Its people who make love happen..
Its people who bring about a movement..
Its people who ignite the fire..
It was people who brought independence..
Its people who create awesome moments..
Its people who create records..
Its people who create the gang.."the gang of friends"
Its people that go behind making a person who he is..
Coz it is all the people together that you are THE YOU
So become a peoples person & See the magic that follows...

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Lifes Calling... Are you Game?

Lifes Calling..
The sweet sounds of birds calling..
The drops of rain falling..
Are yu listening..
coz Lifes calling..

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How to get lucky..?

Luck or fortuity is a belief in good or bad fortune in life caused by accident or chance, and attributed by some to reasons of faith or superstition, which happens beyond a person's control                                                                    
Getting what you want with a little luck...
Being at the right place at the right time
Having luck on your side..
But damn it how do we get this luck...! Should we consult the stars or should we we be gazing the lines at your hand or should we use those what we call them,,..ya tarot..or whats the numbers theory called..numerology and what not! Man has since ages tried to get the lucky lady on his side & came up with a gazillion ways but still he is trying his luck..!
But according to me luck is just the meeting of preparation & opportunity.You dont need to try to be just need to keep doing your own thing & also being super awesome person.According to me, Luck is just the gift the little extra push that God gives you to because you are so damn nice..because you have helped bring cheer to someones life..Not necessarily intentionally but through your work maybe..
But luck as you may realize is just that extra push..You still have to work hard and not hardly work..!
So being lucky is very easy..Just be a damn awesome person & luck will inadvertently follow you..
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Fool-proof Formula For Success

Now read the title again..Is there such a fool-proof formula for success.? You may doubt it but you know what applying this principle will most probably help you succeed sooner or later..!
Now success as you see is highly relative & depends on person to person..but for succeeding in any venture you require just two Ds & they are Discipline & dedication..Now you might say isn't it too easy like can you just sum up the whole idea of success behind just two things discipline & dedication..? Aren't there many many other factors passion,hard work,guidance,mentoring.perseverance..? But if you ask me all these things may be summed up in two words DISCIPLINE & DEDICATION..
And the difficult path for success is finding what you truly love..! And after that its all about being disciplined to what you love & behind that discipline there should be uncalled dedication..!
Now but where is the highly debatable LUCK factor..? Where does that fit in here..? Don't you need luck for success...According to me luck is a thing you just get when you are lucky.. :) Luck is just the gift you get from good for being a super nice person..So beyond discipline & dedication all you need to be is a super awesome person..:)

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Dealing with queues...

Queue I don't even know if the spelling is right..! This queues just make me go wild!..According to me in a perfect world there shouldn't be queues at all.But as you know we live in an imperfect world with ever growing population so thats a distant dream!! ...standing in long lines and waiting for your turn just kills me!! So I have devised numerous unsuccessful ways to jump queues and save time and unnecessary apathy towards people who endlessly wait in queues...

unfortunately my college is famous for its long queues...So you can feel my helplessness when standing for 20mins for just a concession!! Doesnt technology have any answer to this?...But as much as I have searched for a solution to end queues in the world(that was my mission:to save the world from queues :). ) I have found the problem lies with me...Queues are a symbol of discipline,of patience & of order...and I seriously lack the patience! But now I am trying to understand this & the purpose of standing in maintain social order!! Someday I hope there are no queues but till then I am learning to live with them...see here I go to buy a train ticket & the long line...Is there a way out..
Pls any suggestions on how to cope with queues???
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What will others think is their problem..

This is a question that bothers each one of us during different times.You want to leave your cushy job & start your own thing but "what will others think"
You want to say you can't or you don't want to come for that wedding but "what will others think"
You want to wear your old jeans which is old fashioned now but no no you wont because "what will others say"
You want to go and have a funky hairstyle but you don't "what will others think"
You want to go out there & dance naked on the streets but you don't coz "what will others think"..Hey hey now this was just a joke..!

But the point is why is it that what others think stop us from doing what we want..
I want to break from "what will others think" mode..What will others think is their problem..
Lets decide to do what we want to do..This is a small life & in the end others don't matter after all its your life..
This is just what Bon Jovi must be going through when writing the song "It's My Life"..
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Opportunities- A new Outlook

There is this whole talk that opportunities are present everywhere we just need to look for them...I find this approach a bit incomplete..You ask why is that.? I will let you know in a minute lets first clear out some concepts.. Opportunities are just like shares.You either make a profit or make a loss.And also just like any other investment you need to have 1.) surplus funds with you to invest.And just having surplus funds is not enough..You also need to have 2.)experience & 3.)knowledge too to make a successful investment,right.

Similarly opportunities though present in every aspect of life you cant grab all of them..for that you need surplus funds & funds here mean preparation...behind every successful opportunity grabbed & fully utilized you need years & years of preparation...Thats why a Ambani can say IPL is a great business proposition but not you coz you haven't prepared for that and ambanis are surely prepared for such a mind-boggling opportunity!(money money!!)..So before looking for opportunities be prepared for them & they will themselves run to find you..And similarly start taking risks coz thats how you will get the second important opportunity must: experience
And knowledge as its said us the wealth..Without knowledge opporunities are like speculation in shares which is damn though opportunities present everywhere you need the three ingredients to make them work for comment & let me know your views on the post...
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The door was always open...

I hope I could really sleep once..
Though I just managed to close my eyes..
I hope I could say no..
But I had only one option..!

I hope I could talk what I felt..
Though I only spoke the right things..
I hope I could just be me..
Though I was always someone else..

I hope I could forget what others will think..
but others always won...
I hope money could buy me happiness..
But it was never sold..!

Something in me said me to break free..
So gave up everything in life..
& I was searching for the key..
But the door was always open..

Rahul Ramchandani
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Lasting Joy...

In each one of us is a person who feels lets just relax for now...lets go with the flow..lets just laze around..just unwind & sip coffee looking out of the window see the blue sky & ponder over the mysteries on our soul!! But overdoing this is counter productive & saps out our energy and sooner or later we feel tired not because we have done a lot of work but the fact that we have not been immersed in anything productive..for lasting joy & happiness whats needed is being so lost in the present work that all the mysteries open up through the work you are doing...its so rightly said work is worship.Sometimes the ultimate joy Is feeling refreshed after working tirelessly for days.

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Pain a spiritual experience....

Pain is compulsory but suffering is optional..why do we have to suffer in pain & why cant people just enjoy the unusual as it sounds but the way I deal with pain is I enjoy the feeling of pain..the feeling the joy intense pain gives me is unmatched..and the joy when the pain is relieved makes this whole exercise such a beautiful exercise..Pain makes me test my soul to lift me above this body & world..
Once my friend & I were discussing in a jovial manner like how we are above these 1st ranks & all we are above this world in every field..Pain gives me this same feeling..that how we are above this damn world..& the ultimate joy is when this pain leaves you & you again come back below & in the material world smarter and knowing the fact that after all you are above all this!!
I would like to end this with the famous lines of Linkin Park
"In the end it doesn't even matter."

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